To enable you to practice as a health professional in New Zealand you will require registration with the relevant associated professional board or council. You will also require a current New Zealand practising certificate.

The role of the professional board is to assess your qualifications against the New Zealand standards and identify any restrictions or additional requirements for your scope of practice. In some cases you may be required to complete additional training to obtain registration and a full practicing certificate. However in most cases, provided that all relevant information is provided and can be easily verified, full registration can be granted.

You do need to be aware that obtaining registration can take between 30 to 90 days. To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible it is important to provide all information requested in the application and make prompt payment of any associated fees. This may include providing original or verified copies of certificates, criminal record checks from countries where you have resided and identification. 

Having already initiated the process for registration to practice in New Zealand will speed up your job application and may result in you being made a job offer subject to obtaining registration and a practicing certificate. This will also help speed up the process of obtaining the relevant permit or work visa with New Zealand Immigration.

For further information on the requirements for your profession and the registration process, please contact the relevant registration board or council.

List of New Zealand registering bodies and councils


Board/Council Contact Details

Anaesthetic Technician

New Zealand Anaesthetic Technician Society


New Zealand Audiological Society Inc

Dental Therapist

New Zealand Dental Therapists Association Inc


New Zealand Dietitians Board

Doctor / Medical Officer / Specialist

Medical Council of New Zealand

Medical Laboratory Technologist / Scientist

New Zealand Medical Laboratory Science Board

Medical Radiation Technologist / Therapist

New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists Board


Midwifery Council of New Zealand


Nursing Council of New Zealand 

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand


Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand


Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand


New Zealand Psychologists Board

Social Worker

Social Workers Registration Board

Speech Language Therapist

New Zealand Speech Language Therapists Association