Healthy Change

28 August 2017


CE Jim Green

Hauora Tairāwhiti CE Jim Green

Last week I reported that a paper for entitled Healthy Hearts Tairāwhiti – Save 1000 Lives was up for approval with the Hospital Advisory Committee. I am pleased to report that it was accepted and that as a result a local cardiology service will be established which will better support people with heart disease through increased local services both at the hospital and in primary care, ultimately leading to less people with heart disease in the first place.

Also approved at that meeting was the replacement of all our anaesthetic machines in theatre - the monitors that go with them and the installation of a scavenging system to improve safety of anaesthetics for the staff who work in theatre.

And in the same week we took delivery of a new purpose built mobile dental clinic to be used by our Dental Services on the East Coast.

What do these events have in common? The most important feature for me is that they have all been led by clinical staff identifying the way forward to improve services.

As I said last week, more are on the way. The Radiology team are closing in on a decision about the next CT machine to be installed at Gisborne Hospital. They are looking to the future for technology that won’t just suffice for now and the next 7 years, but that which will lift diagnostic capability to the benefit of people locally. This is linked to the cardiology service however it is much more. It also utilises our resources more effectively and efficiently to help pay for the cost of the improvement.

The Medical Day Unit is back on track again for a build alongside the current Tui te Ora building and some may have seen the blessing and re-dedication of the site on Thursday last week. This project has had staff (and people using the services) input on a large scale as the options have been traversed, as well as having to respond to cost estimates beyond the funding available. Without this input we would not be in a confident position to move forward now, with a solution that will maximise the benefits available.

There are more out there and I will report on them as they come through. In doing so I hope other teams are encouraged to build on possibilities they have. Because we do have the resources to make these types of gains and the support all the way through the organisation up to governance level to make them happen.