How do these themes resonate?

14 August 2017

CE Jim Green

Last week I raised the topic of engagement surveys and what people have been saying across the country in the 30,000 collated replies that have been turned in to 6 themes. 

As I signalled I am interested to hear how these themes resonate with people at Hauora Tairāwhiti and there were two opportunities last week to get a gauge on that. On Tuesday Director of Nursing Sonia Gamblen and I visited a number of areas on our regular fortnightly Chief Executive/Professional Leaders walk-about. We took a schematic of the six theme areas and asked for examples locally. 

Here are the themes again in case you missed them (remembering they were not ordered in priority).

1.Make it easier for us to work here by taking away bureaucracy.

2.Enable me with visible, supportive and consistent leadership.

3.Communicate with me proactively and listen to what I have to say.

4.Give me the tools and resources to do my job.

5.Recognise that workload is a problem.

6.Deal with behaviour that’s not OK. Promote a culture of working together.

We got a great response in all the places we went. I took notes and have started a dossier of these to feed back on as they reinforce the areas we all have to work on at Hauora Tairāwhiti to make it an even better and more effective place to work. And even better the staff we spoke to came up with practical ideas then can be implemented easily.

Then on Wednesday I attended the Allied Health and Technical Forum where the schematic on screen drew lively input from the full Poutama Room.

Here are briefs of the action areas so far to see what more you could add.

• Stores and imprest

• Casual staff availability

• Communications including how we do it and tools

• Behaviour including looking out for our colleagues and the WAKA values

• Messages in the Gisborne Herald

• Pre-admit clinic

• Workload and the intersection of this with the care that is able to be provided

Next step is to take the themes and action areas to-date to the Joint Union Consultative Committee meeting on Thursday. I want to hear union and delegate feedback on what we can do to respond. So I hope you have had the opportunity to talk to your worksite delegates about this so they can add to the conversation. From there I would like to see a joint Hauora Tairāwhiti/Site Unions response. I know that we can make a difference on many of the areas you have already had a say on and I am in no doubt there will be more.

I hope everyone has a less pressured week as numbers of coming through to the hospital have moved back – hopefully with the warmer spring weather. Let’s see how it goes though.