I'm back

26 June 2017

I have been away on leave for a three week period travelling overseas with my family. Occasions like this, to spend time with your family visiting new places together, sharing new experiences and having plenty of good times are so valuable and I am grateful to have been able to do this. It is important we all take the leave we have available to us to get the rest and recuperation required.

Meanwhile I can see from my quick overview this morning on my return that the same challenges are there for us in our organisation as we respond to the continuing high health needs of people in our community.

With winter coming on even greater flow will occur and I am pleased to hear about the way in which plans are in place to respond to this.

Thank you to Lynsey Bartlett for providing the cover for me over my time away. I know that there were many demands on her time locally and in national/regional forums.

Finally, we are in final planning mode for the year ahead and the sign off of our Annual Plan by the Minister of Health. I am pleased that our funding for next year has grown however that will be matched against the additional challenges we have in service delivery both within Hauora Tairāwhiti and through our funded community providers, as well as the increasing need for people to receive treatment out of district and general cost growth. Then of course there is our current deficit…

So a year of promise ahead and I am enjoying being back, refreshed and ready for it. Thanks for your contribution and help.