24 July 2017

CE Jim Green

Working with others in our community who contribute to improving health outcomes, is an essential part of our WAKA values. Kotahitanga is not just what we do every day to ensure the best outcomes for people within Hauora Tairāwhiti, it is an action that occupies a considerable amount of my time.

Last week I was pleased to be able to meet with Nedine Thatcher-Swann, in her new role as Chief Executive of the Gisborne District Council. The Council has a vital role in both providing a healthy environment for us and applying policies and processes to deliver on health.

There are the obvious links, like providing safe water supplies and disposing of sewerage waste, both areas that Hauora Tairāwhiti has an interest in.

However, we also line up in further environmental matters - such as the impact of smoking on health, gambling, alcohol, and places for recreational activity, to name a few.

We support the Council in their work to create a healthier, safer Tairāwhiti. In our discussions, Nedine and I were able to line up more areas we have common ground on.

Both our organisations face pressure on the limits of the resources we have, however working together – kotahitanga - will enable those resources to go further to achieve the health outcomes we jointly seek.

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of people with health needs right now, right across health services in Tairāwhiti. Thanks to everyone meeting that load and for the support given to ensure services ae ready to respond.

Have a good week everyone.