Our workforce of the future

18 September 2017

CE Jim Green

I was at two events last week looking at the workforce for the future.

Students from Tairāwhiti Secondary Schools came to hear about their future careers from the Inter-Professional Education students (read more). I was caught up in the energy in the room – imparted by the IPE students and well and truly picked up by their student colleagues. Growing interest in health careers across a wide range of disciplines is so vital as we encourage more local young people, especially Māori, to join us on the team at Hauora Tairāwhiti.

At the Manaaki Tairāwhiti meeting there was a presentation on He Poutama Rangatahi (He=a, Poutama = the step wise pattern of improvement also seen in our own Poutama room, Rangatahi = young people). It is a new allocation of specific funding to identify and address the barriers for young people not currently working or training after leaving school. We know the importance of work for young people’s overall wellbeing and as an important contribution for future generations. Hauora Tairāwhiti and the wider community are missing the potential of too many young people in Tairāwhiti by not enabling their contribution. In health we see the impact of this also through our services and those we fund in the community.

I see great potential in the He Poutama Rangatahi work because it is not programme based. It is a fresh approach that we will take the funding from and apply our Tairāwhiti focus on young people within their whānau/families. Manaaki Tairāwhiti intend integrating the resource of He Poutama Rangatahi in the work with families/whānau to achieve their potential. And that will mean more local talent coming the way of Hauora Tairāwhiti.

In all an exciting week with a peek at the future. Tumanako he pai te whakamahinga o te reo.


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Hemi (Jim)