Our workforce of the past

25 September 2017

I debated with myself how to express my topic for this week, as it is a counterpoint to the column I wrote last week on the workforce of the future.

That is because this week we are fare welling two of our longer serving and vital members of the Hauora Tairāwhiti team. Hence the workforce in a past tense in terms of farewell but certainly not in terms of contribution

We are in the happy situation at Hauora Tairāwhiti that while we do welcome new people to the team, we also have a core of people who have more experience working with the local community.

This week we farewell two of the latter variety.

Nelda McKinnon is retiring from her role in Occupational Therapy. I know first-hand the work Nelda does in ensuring the team is able to do their work in their professional roles with people needing care. In a service like Occupational Therapy there are many support services required to enable the work to flow as effectively as possible for people – both the team members and the people getting care. I know the team will be making a large and well deserved fuss of Nelda on Tuesday.

Similarly, Robyn Dymock is a stalwart of nursing education at Hauora Tairāwhiti and her retirement this week is at the end of a long and illustrious career contributing also both to colleagues and the care of people. Robyn has been a key person in the proliferation of nursing development in our organisation and I am confident we would not have the level of participation in post-graduate study without her input and support for the advancement of careers.

We are fortunate and grateful to our longer serving members of staff for their ability to not only get the job done but to also support so many others on their journeys in their careers. To Nelda and Robyn in particular, thank you so much for jobs very well done.

Ko ngā mea pai katoa i roto i ō kōrua reti mō Nelda me Robyn

He wiki pai te katoa