Equity a priority for Lisa Smith as Diabetes Nurse Prescriber

12 December 2018

Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lisa Smith is the only Māori Nurse Prescriber in Tairāwhiti, and a very good one at that. Lisa, who is of Ngāti Kahungunu, Whakatohea and Ngati Hāua descent, grew up in Manutuke and is passionate about Tairāwhiti.  Lisa has been working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at...

Care for women and babies 'number one priority' during midwives’ strikes

19 November 2018

Starting Wednesday 7 November, all DHBs were issued a series of strike notices by midwives’ union MERAS. This affects DHB-employed midwives but not Lead Maternity Carers.

Kath Friar awarded fifty years of nursing service

8 November 2018

From the age of 10, Kath Friar knew she wanted to become a nurse. She is now being awarded Hauora Tairawhiti’s prestigious fifty years of nursing service award.

Hauora Tairāwhiti celebrates first 'homegrown' Nurse Practitioner

16 October 2018

Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Lynne Gray is Hauora Tairāwhiti’s first ‘homegrown’ Nurse Practitioner.

At any sign of stroke think FAST

4 October 2018

It is due to the quick thinking of colleagues at Pultron Composites that Thomas Te Kira will one day lead a near normal life once again. Mr Te Kira suffered a stroke at work in February after he tripped on a rod during a night shift.

Stepping up to Rheumatic Fever

25 September 2018

TAIRAWHITI’S sixth rheumatic fever champion is Nancy Aupouri.

Meet new ED consultant Dr Jesse Irwin

13 September 2018

Our new ED Consultant Dr Jesse Irwin has made a quick impact on staff and patients in our Emergency Department since his arrival last month. Straight from Washington DC to Tairāwhiti has meant some adjusting for Dr Jesse, his wife Frederique and their children Lucas, 12, Chloe, 11 and Julien,...

Minister recognises Te Kuwatawata development, funding extended to 2019

13 September 2018

The Minister and the Ministry of Health team have recognised the significant effort applied to ensure the development of mental health services in Te Tairāwhiti through Te Kūwatawata, our community-based pilot of a new entry point for services.

I won't let Rheumatic fever affect my family like it did to me

29 August 2018

THERE is a history of rheumatic fever in Petra Hape’s family: her kuia (grandmother) contracted rheumatic fever at an early age and so too did her mum.

Supporting Whānau to live in healthy contexts - Our Population Health 'Dream Team'

6 August 2018

On the first floor in the Tangata Rite Building on Peel Street, we are invited to sit in on the end of our population health team’s meeting while we wait to chat to the team.

Don't muck around with your kids' sore throats

31 July 2018

Rowena Hollis hails from Ruatorea. She is the youngest of a big whānau. She grew up living with her siblings and cousins, a life she loved very much, there was no such thing as overcrowding; the more the merrier for her whānau.

A passion for helping others leads Davidson into a healthcare career

23 July 2018

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. 

Hauora Tairāwhiti braces for strike action

10 July 2018

NZNO nurses and healthcare assistants have rejected a fourth DHB settlement offer and Hauora Tairāwhiti is now making final adjustments to contingency plans for strike action this coming Thursday.

John thankful for new Hepatitis C treatment

25 June 2018

Every Christmas John* would get really unwell for no apparent reason. He was not a big drinker. Like many people, he drank more alcohol over the holiday period but not so much that it would explain why he felt so ill.

Hauora Tairāwhiti prepares for strike action

22 June 2018

Strike notice has been received from the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation (NZNO) for the 5th of July 2018. 

John Pomana and Rheumatic Fever

20 June 2018

Rheumatic Fever Champion

Georgie's passion is helping people

8 May 2018

Valerie, a voice for health service users

1 May 2018

Protect your whānau from flu this winter

9 April 2018

Now is the time to think about the best way to protect your family/whānau from influenza or the ‘flu’ this winter.

A positive impact on health inequities

4 April 2018

When Jakob Teneti graduates from medical school in 2023, he wants to be a “people’s doctor” back in his community of Gisborne.

Yvanah enjoys giving back whānau in radiology career

2 April 2018

Third-year Radiography student Yvanah Ria says whānau working at Hauora Tairāwhiti introduced her to her chosen career. The Manutuke woman is studying at UCOL in Palmerston North, but is regularly at the Gisborne Hospital on clinical placement. That involves 15 40-hour weeks in year 1 and again in year 2, with...

IPE Students gather at Rongopai Marae

8 March 2018

Students studying multiple health disciplines gathered at Rongopai Marae early in the week for an IPE Noho Marae programme that focuses on Maori and rural health. The group was made up of students from three inter-professional education programmes (IPE) in Tairāwhiti, Wairoa and Whakatane.

Sue loves her job after 40 years service

5 March 2018

Do the census, its good for your health

4 March 2018

Health in Tairāwhiti needs all the funds it can get.

Whānau pick up on osteoarthritis pilot

27 February 2018

ALL Annette Ransley wanted was for the pain to go away but she got more than that. The osteoarthritis sufferer has now thrown away her walking stick and the prospect of hip surgery is now increasingly remote.

WorkWell working for Downer

26 February 2018

A team from Downer are the second workplace in Tairāwhiti to receive their bronze wellness accreditation from WorkWell. WorkWell is a workplace wellness initiative designed to improve the health and wellbeing their workforce.

Pressure on Tairāwhiti Orthopaedic Service

12 February 2018

Ensuring people get specialist orthopaedic surgery when they need it is the priority at Hauora Tairāwhiti as it faces a shortage of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Mums contributing to Tairāwhiti maternity services

2 February 2018

It is important that the people who use Hauora Tairāwhiti services get a say in how they are delivered and monitored. In Maternity Consumer Reps have been sitting on our Maternity Quality and Safety Committee for some time. 

Building starts on new cancer treatment facility

30 January 2018

15 hospitalised with diarrhoea and vomiting after R&V

1 January 2018

Whooping cough scary start for new mum

29 December 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone

18 December 2017

Being involved in health in Aotearoa is a challenge. I mean this for the people in our community maintaining their wellness, and that of their whānau/families, and for those who turn to the health system for advice, support and care.

Countdown makes a difference to sick kids

15 December 2017

Insights from the our new Minister

12 December 2017

Being active during your pregnancy

24 November 2017

As Diabetes Awareness Month draws to a close, Sport Gisborne Tairāwhiti Active Health Manager Toni Hoskins, has put together this short article about being active during preganancy.

More voices of health consumers needed

24 November 2017

Te Karaka woman joins elite nurses

21 November 2017


Improving care across services

20 November 2017

Woolie World Prematurity Day

20 November 2017

The fantastic group of knitters that keep our smallest and sickest newborns warm and cosy have plenty to keep them going now thanks to a donation from the Gisborne Hospital Trust. The trust awarded the group $500 to buy wool so the knitters can provide babies that spend time in...

Missie, cervical screening stalwart retires

14 November 2017

Hauroa Tairāwhiti said goodbye recently to Cervical Screening Team Leader Missie Winiata after (almost) 25 years working for the DHB. 

Mental health and addiction services quality improvement

14 November 2017

Minimising harm to people who need mental health and addiction services, and ensuring that health care funding is used in the most effective way, is the aim of the national Mental Health and Addiction Quality Improvement Programme. The programme is being led by the Health, Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC).

Let's stamp out rheumatic fever

13 November 2017

New cases of rheumatic fever hospitalised

10 November 2017

Two young people have been diagnosed in the last month with rheumatic fever. Both have been hospitalised.

Norovirus cases in hospital

7 November 2017

A STOMACH bug likely to be Norovirus is circulating in the Gisborne community.

How can we improve staff wellbeing?

6 November 2017

Positive developments in action

30 October 2017

First for NZ; dental care for eligible hapu māmā

21 October 2017

$2 billion Pay Equity Settlement in action

19 October 2017

Falls and fracture prevention improves

18 October 2017

Exciting new developments in falls prevention are starting to take effect in Tairāwhiti, including in-home consultations and a new community-wide screening system for those aged over 65-years.

Kia ora Hauora health pathways for rangatahi

17 October 2017

A programme designed to funnel Māori students into the health sector is off to a great start this year in the Tairāwhiti region.

Staff wellness ideas needed

16 October 2017

Choose well - the right care in the right place

15 October 2017

Tui is a 21-year-old first-time mum. Her 10-month-old son has been grizzly all night and he has a rash under his nappy. Tui rings her GP for an appointment.

Improving staff wellness at Ovation

13 October 2017

Ovation has become the first company in the region to receive WorkWell accreditation. 

Are you ready for the next emergency?

11 October 2017

When faced with an emergency situation, people working in health cannot just shut up shop and go home till things return to normal. Vulnerable people in our community need care regardless of what is going on around them, says Hauora Tairāwhiti Emergency Response Coordinator Steve Hooper.

Coats for the Homeless

10 October 2017

Up to twenty Gisborne people who are sleeping rough will benefit from coats that have been specially designed to meet the needs of the homeless. An Australian charity ‘Order of Malta’ has been organising Coats for the Homeless for the last couple of years.

Smoke free ideas from around the world

10 October 2017

A Hauora Tairāwhiti Health Promotion Advisor has been named as one of just nine selected nationwide to attend the Oceania Tobacco Control Conference at Hobart.Tobacco Control Health Promotion Advisor Aporina Chapman, was awarded a full scholarship to attend by the New Zealand Quit Trust Smoking Group, as a Quit Trust...

Ground-breaking response to whānau in distress

9 October 2017

Local health organisations have listened to the call for a more effective response to mental health and addiction distress that is affecting too many Tairāwhiti families.

Mental health wellbeing starts with us

9 October 2017

Changes for the better

2 October 2017


Innovative approach to recruiting mataora

1 October 2017

My Twin Birthing Experience

29 September 2017

Many of the initiatives that Maternity Services have been working on came together for Jess Claffey when her twins Patrick and Myah were born at 34 weeks.

No smokes sold to young people

26 September 2017

A workshop for retailers who sell tobacco has had a good result.

Our workforce of the past

25 September 2017

Dietitians Day

19 September 2017

Today is Dietitians Day, celebrating all of our fantastic dieticians around the Tairāwhiti district.

Our workforce of the future

18 September 2017

Purpose built facility for cancer treatment

15 September 2017

Plans for a purpose-built facility for people who need chemotherapy and other day stay treatments have been finalised. A paper proposing that building a new Gisborne Hospital Medical Day Unit start before the end of the year will go to the Hauora Tairāwhiti Board at the end of the month.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

11 September 2017


What does Te Reo Māori mean to you?

11 September 2017


Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

11 September 2017


Keeping up the pace

4 September 2017

Healthy Change

28 August 2017


Healthy Hearts

21 August 2017

Young Mum Drives Big Changes For Good

17 August 2017

LAMERE Edmonds pulls into her driveway, enters her warm, dry, unit and takes her eight-month-old twins with her as she has a quick shower to wash off the day's work.

Maternity Unit Disruptions

16 August 2017

Flooring upgrades at Gisborne Hospital’s Maternity Unit will benefit the community in the long run but will cause disruptions over the coming weekends.

How do these themes resonate?

14 August 2017

Rachel Cook

7 August 2017


What have people been saying?

7 August 2017

Tide turning in war on rheumatic fever

31 July 2017

From The Gisborne Herald

Hand therapy notes missing

31 July 2017

Notes regarding the treatment of people who received physiotherapy on their hands between 2012 and 2015 at Gisborne Hospital cannot be located.

More people, more demand

31 July 2017


24 July 2017

Highlights and predictions

17 July 2017

Winter ills impacting health services

12 July 2017

Emerging Leader Rachel Malone

11 July 2017

The Health Quality and Safety Commission’s Open for Leadership Awards are given out monthly to DHBs around the country – two a month from February to November.Each month two DHBs are asked to put forward one candidate in the first five years of their career or clinical practice, who has...

Back to the future

10 July 2017

Emerging Leader Kayla Peters

5 July 2017

The Health Quality and Safety Commission’s Open for Leadership Awards are given out monthly to DHBs around the country – two a month from February to November.Each month two DHBs are asked to put forward one candidate in the first five years of their career or clinical practice, who has...

Susanna Lawrence

3 July 2017


Seeing and hearing

3 July 2017


Iidil Merlini

1 July 2017

Emerging Leader Surinderpal Sran

26 June 2017

The Health Quality and Safety Commission’s Open for Leadership Awards are given out monthly to DHBs around the country – two a month from February to November.Each month two DHBs are asked to put forward one candidate in the first five years of their career or clinical practice, who has...

I'm back

26 June 2017

Emerging Leader Sara Bodel

23 June 2017

The Health Quality and Safety Commission’s Open for Leadership Awards are given out monthly to DHBs around the country – two a month from February to November.Each month two DHBs are asked to put forward one candidate in the first five years of their career or clinical practice, who has...

Emerging Leader Michelle Goldsmith

22 June 2017

The Health Quality and Safety Commission’s Open for Leadership Awards are given out monthly to DHBs around the country – two a month from February to November.Each month two DHBs are asked to put forward one candidate in the first five years of their career or clinical practice, who has...

Emerging Leader Nicki Blair

22 June 2017

Ngāti Porou Hauora GP Vaccines are safe and effective

21 June 2017

by Dr Douglas Lush, GP, Uawa, Ngati Porou Hauora

Tinks Hooper

7 June 2017

Tinks Hooper is on a winning track to a bright future.

New Associate Director of Nursing

6 June 2017

A doctor's experience of polio

2 June 2017

In response to the widely publicised onstage interruption by Dr Lance O'Sullivan of the Kaitaia Vaxxed screening, Hauora Tairāwhiti Dr Margot McLean has weighed in on the anti-vaccination debate. The following was published as a Letter to the Editor in the Gisborne Herald, June 2, 2017.

Hapū Māmā Oranga Niho

31 May 2017

First for New Zealand: dental care for eligible hapu māmā 

What does the 2017 Budget mean for Hauora Tairāwhiti?

29 May 2017

Last Thursday was Budget day for the government. The Minister of Finance announced significant funding increases for DHBs and other parts of the health sector. Catching up funding for DHBs to counter the already experienced growth in costs is included.

Karen Armstrong

27 May 2017

Winner Lifetime Services to Nursing Award

Kerryn White

23 May 2017

Nominee New Graduate Award

Dr Di Kopua appointed Associate Dean Otago Uni

22 May 2017

Immunisation important for teens too

22 May 2017

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to check their teen’s immunisation records to make sure have received their recommended immunisations.

Assessing the needs of the elderly

22 May 2017

This article appeared in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand vol 23 no 4 May 2017 Written by Co-editor Teresa O'Connor

Hapu Ora Midwives

10 May 2017

This team of four midwives has recently moved to a shared care Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) practice. This ensures that their clients receive the best care while also protecting themselves from exhaustion and burnout. Many of their clients are Maori.

2017 Nurses and Midwives of Tairāwhiti Awards

10 May 2017

The achievements and dedication of Nurses and Midwives were celebrated last Saturday at the Nurses and Midwives of Tairāwhiti (NAMOT) annual awards.

Iidil Merlini appointed Midwife Educator

9 May 2017

Iidil Merlini has been appointed Midwife Educator & Quality Coordinator. Iidil will work to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in the maternity services provided in Tairāwhiti.

Gisborne Sees Health Benefits for Māori Babies

23 April 2017

Te Karere TVNZ 

Time to protect yourself against the flu

3 April 2017

People should get their flu vaccination now before the flu season is in full force. Vaccines are now available from family doctors and three Gisborne pharmacies.

Immunisation for staff

3 April 2017

Time to protect yourself against the flu 

Dieticians in the community

31 March 2017


Teamwork tested after patient-simulator loses leg

27 March 2017

Gas explosion dismemberment and a stab to the chest feature among scenarios that are part of a hi-tech patient-simulator that will be used as a real-life training tool at Gisborne hospital.

Trial shows weight loss from plant-based diet

27 March 2017

With the highest obesity and Type 2 Diabetes rates in the country, Gisborne has been subject of successful new dietary study. 

Child with meningococcal septicaemia

22 March 2017

A child who was admitted to Gisborne Hospital last week with meningococcal septicaemia has now been discharged.

Climbing the health career ladder

13 March 2017

Despite a life-long interest in health, Hauora Tairāwhiti’s Wanita Tuwairua-Brown ended up working in the sector by chance.

No smokes sold here

12 March 2017

Those working towards a Smokefree Tairāwhiti in 2025 got a boost recently when they learned that the Wainui Store had decided not to sell any tobacco products.

Who makes decisions when you can't?

9 March 2017

iPad will ensure Jasmine's voice is heard

1 March 2017

Jasmine Dunlop is a young woman with a progressive neurological disease. The disease is robbing her of her ability to speak. As mum to baby Kyson, Jasmine wants her husband and her son to hear her say things like “I love you” in her own voice as the disease progresses.

Trauma patients can be confident of care

27 February 2017

Auditors from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons were at Gisborne Hospital recently to verify our trauma service. Gisborne Hospital is part of the Midlands Region Trauma Service. The five Midland DHBs are all having their trauma service audited to help analyse systems of care.

Appointment of community members to advisory committees of Hauora Tairāwhiti

7 February 2017

Hauora Tairāwhiti (Tairāwhiti District Health Board) funds and provides health and disability services for the Tairāwhiti district and is in the process of finalising the triennial membership onto its Board advisory committees. 

A day in the life of a Health Care Assistant

7 February 2017


All Tairāwhiti children deserve the best start

31 January 2017

Whānau facing social obstacles need all the help they can get to give their children a healthy start in life. For people working with these whānau they often need to use a ‘whatever it takes’ approach’ to providing support.

Celebrating Long Service at Hauora Tairāwhiti

16 January 2017

Junior doctors’ strike affects clinics and non-emergency surgery

11 January 2017

Hauora Tairāwhiti has preparations well underway for the proposed strike by Junior Doctors from 7am Tuesday, 17 January 2017 until 8am Friday, 20 January 2017.

Patient Updates after Christmas Eve Bus Crash

25 December 2016

Twenty seven people were taken to Gisborne Hospital after a bus crash on State Highway 2, 30km from Gisborne late on Christmas Eve.

Technology bridging the health gap for East Coast resident

16 December 2016

Let's talk about death and dying

8 December 2016

A practical approach to preventing type 2 diabetes

7 December 2016

Quilts and knitting for little babies

17 November 2016

Little babies born in Gisborne are very lucky to have the support of a talented group of quilters and knitters.

Town Clock lit purple for babies like Pippa

16 November 2016

Pippa Holden was born eight weeks early and unable to breathe for herself. Now she is a thriving five-year old who has not looked back from her scary and early arrival.

Diabetes Action Month 2016

11 November 2016

Monday 14 November is World Diabetes Day. It promotes the importance of diabetic screening to ensure early diagnosis and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications. World Diabetes Day is part of Diabetes Action Month; an event which aims to highlight the impact of diabetes on everyday New Zealanders...

Keeping our tamariki healthy, happy & well

7 November 2016

Hauora Tairawhiti are hosting a workshop to look at ways of supporting a healthy lifestyle in our children (healthy kai, physical activity and a healthy weight).

‘Gold Plated’ Stroke Service at Hauora Tairāwhiti

3 November 2016

A recent initiative by Hauora Tairāwhiti to reduce secondary strokes has been called “a gold plated stroke service for Tairāwhiti patients,” by the Midlands Stroke Network.

Services reduced at Gisborne Hospital for strike

12 October 2016

Hauora Tairāwhiti is rescheduling most non-urgent services provided at Gisborne Hospital from Monday 17 October to cope with strike action by the Resident doctors, said Jim Green, Chief Executive Hauora Tairāwhiti.

Recognising staff with Waka Rewards

3 October 2016

In October 2015 Waka Rewards were launched to recognise staff displaying behaviours based on Hauora Tairawhiti's new WAKA values. Staff are nominated by a fellow staff member or their manager. A Waka Rewards committee approves all rewards - by email.

Improving clinical access to patient information

1 October 2016

Good clinical decisions need accurate, available and accessible patient information. Hauora Tairāwhiti is committed to improving clinical access to patient information.

Topping NZ for flu immunisation

22 September 2016

We have done it again. A higher percentage of Hauora Tairāwhiti staff (83%) were immunised against the flu this year than at any other DHB in the country.

Stay home if you have diarrhoea

2 September 2016

If you have diarrhoea please stay at home says Medical Officer of Health Dr Bruce Duncan. The reminder is issued after two cases of shigella, a bacteria that can cause severe diarrhoea have been found at a local early childhood centre.

2016 Disability Services Expo

16 August 2016

An expo will be held for people with disabilities and their whānau on Friday 9 September.

Joining forces to tackle heart condition

4 August 2016

Last week, Hauora Tairāwhiti teamed up with the Heart Foundation and Waikato Cardiologist Martin Stiles to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation. Gisborne Hospital staff and visitors were offered free pulse checks to assess their heart rhythm.

I don’t need an advance care plan yet – YEAH RIGHT.

27 July 2016

by Dr Heather Robertson

Boost for heart disease diagnosis

20 July 2016

Diagnosing heart disease in Tairāwhiti has come a long way in the last couple of years. Previously if there was a suspicion that you might have heart disease, often you would be on the road to Waikato for diagnostic tests.

Positive Pat - a blessing for cancer support group

13 July 2016

A very special gathering was held in the medical day ward last month. It was to acknowledge a retired staff member who has been spending a lot of time with us in the last three and a half years pat.

Rural Midwives Learn to Respond to Emergencies

12 July 2016

Local surgeon joins Fiji relief efforts.

5 July 2016

In February this year, Cyclone Winston officially became the worst tropical storm recorded in the south pacific. The category 5 storm wreaked havoc across a number of Pacific Islands, especially Fiji, where tens of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, and many were left without water and electricity.

What were you doing in January 1965?

4 July 2016

Cubby holes are the simple solution

1 July 2016

Ward 5 staff were thinking about how they could better organise patient files and make them easier to find. They also wanted to tidy up their nurse’s station. A cubicle in the handover room ,with cubby holes designated to each bed number, was proposed.

More than 1000 people have benefitted from hospital flight service

30 June 2016

Gisborne Hospital top with junior doctors

30 June 2016

A review of hospitals by the New Zealand Resident Doctor’s Association (NZRDA) put Hauora Tairāwhiti’s Gisborne Hospital on top for Resident Medical Officer (RMO or junior doctor) experience.

Nurse-led service treating blindness

29 June 2016

Support for alcohol free Gizzy Street Food Festival

16 June 2016

Hauora Tairāwhiti has put its hand up to ensure a great community event can go ahead and be drug, alcohol and smokefree.

Celebrating Graduate Nurses

15 June 2016

Most East Coast shops not selling smokes to young people

15 June 2016

Most retailers on the East Coast are complying with the law regarding sales of tobacco to young people; however two retailers have sold to minors.

More time with people from 'FIT'approach

15 June 2016

Hauora Tairawhiti are implementing the FIT approach programme. This is a combined approach of Releasing Time to Care and Care Capacity and Demand Management (CCDM).

Reducing falls aim of 'speed dating' clinic

8 June 2016

For older people or those with limited mobility a fall can have a major impact on their lives. A clinic at Gisborne Hospital is working with people who are at risk of falling. The aim is to understand what might cause the falls and what can be done to avoid them.

Rural midwives train for emergency situations

8 June 2016

As part of “working across the region” a team from Hauora Tairāwhiti’s Maternity & Neonatal Unit spent a day at Te Puia hospital. The aim of the day was to develop skills when dealing with obstetric and neonatal emergencies in a rural setting.

Tairāwhiti nurse doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to heart health

3 June 2016

Equally Well wins The MHS award for innovation and excellence

2 June 2016

The Equally Well collaborative has scooped the top prize in the Physical Health and/or Primary Care category at the TheMHS Learning Network Awards in Auckland. TheMHS is the largest mental health and addiction services conference in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, and is held in New Zealand every eight years.

Budget 2016 Health announcements

27 May 2016

New funding for Hauora Tairawhiti in Budget 2016 increases the DHB’s total allocation to a record level, says Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

Celebrating Tairāwhiti Nurses Past and Present

27 May 2016

Making a difference in the community

25 May 2016


51 years nursing and still winning awards

23 May 2016

It was 1965 and Cynthia Colbert was just starting a new job with the Waiapu Hospital Board.

Kylie Morrissey Wins NAMOT Innovation and Patient Safety Award

14 May 2016

Kylie Morresey won the Innovation and Patient Safety Award at the NAMOT Achievement Awards evening in May. She was nominated by Heather Robertson and Beetham Healthcare nursing staff.

Julia knows the importance of keeping healthy

6 May 2016


Nurses and Midwives of Tairawhiti Awards 2016

5 May 2016

NAMOT (Nurses and Midwives of Tairawhiti) met on Saturday night (7 May 2016) to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of remarkable nurses and midwives.

Deb Mckay nominated for innovation award

5 May 2016

Pharmacy another option for flu vaccination

3 May 2016

Offering flu vaccinations in two local pharmacies as well as at GP practices is being piloted this winter. Hauora Tairāwhiti is funding the pilot after the initiative was trialed successfully in the Waikato last year. The goal is to increase the number of people 65 years or over who receive...

Improving teamwork and communication in theatre

2 May 2016

Recent studies show that good teamwork and communication in operating theatres has a positive impact on performance and patient safety, and reduces perioperative harm. Which is why Hauora Tairāwhiti is participating in a national improvement programme focusing on teamwork and communication.

Pae Ora concepts applied to Admission to Discharge planner

2 May 2016

Pae Ora is the framework adopted by Hauora Tairawhiti for how we work as a DHB to improve health outcomes for Māori. 

What we can do for others

28 April 2016

The spirit that is embodied in our country and comes out publicly on ANZAC day is one of caring for, and acting in, the best interest of others. Seeing the large crowd at the ANZAC day commemorations yesterday, the many family groups and the nursing contingent in the parade, brought...

Newborn hearing Hauora Tairawhiti 1st

26 April 2016

Gisborne Hospital development

18 April 2016

Hauora Tairāwhiti now has a high level plan that can be used to guide the development of Gisborne Hospital facilities in Ormond Road. Gisborne Hospital is now 30 years old, says Chief Executive Jim Green. “Before we spent any further money on facilities we needed to make sure the buildings...

Physio services strained

11 April 2016

Temporary changes to Hauora Tairāwhiti Physiotherapy Services have had to be made after the resignation of two physiotherapists in the last three months, on top of other vacancies. The service which provides physiotherapy to people in hospital, in the community and people referred from their GP is down to 50...

Huge improvements in health services

11 April 2016

Health services in Gisborne have vastly improved in the past two years and many more people have received the treatment they need, says Hauora Tairāwhiti board chairman David Scott. “Reports from a number of sources detail small and large improvements in quality developed by Hauora Tairāwhiti and staff from other...

High rates of diarrhoea and vomiting

1 April 2016

Higher than usual rates of diarrhoea and vomiting are being reported at the moment according to Hauora Tairāwhiti Medical Officer of Health Dr Margot McLean.  In particular salmonella rates are high but there are also more cases of giardia than usual.

What's in a name?

29 March 2016

I know raising this topic will be controversial with some however I would like to talk about stopping use of the word 'patient' and instead using 'person'.

Very efficient eye theatre team

28 March 2016

On Tuesday March 22, in the Hauora Tairāwhiti operating theatre, the eye team managed to get through seven cataract operations.

Seven in hospital after a crash

25 March 2016

10am Saturday 26 March

Programme helping rid Gisborne of a third world illness

24 March 2016

The number of children with rheumatic fever, New Zealand’s third world illness affecting mainly Māori and Pacific children, fell in 2015, suggesting the local Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme is having an impact.

25% increase in Tairawhiti patients receiving specialist assessments

24 March 2016

 Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says latest figures show a record number of Tairawhiti patients received a medical or surgical First Specialist Assessment (FSA) last year.

Facilities for the long term

8 March 2016

To make the best use of Hauora Tairāwhiti’s Ormond Road Campus and any new builds over the next 20-30 years a long-term plan for our facility in Ormond Road has been developed. 

Its always too early until it’s too late

29 February 2016

Understanding what is really important to a person at the end of their life is the key to Advance Care Planning (ACP). That was the message Helen Mason told the Hauora Tairāwhiti Board and staff members who attended her presentation in February.

Physicians from afar

27 February 2016

Physicians Intesar Malik and Joanna Wojciechowska say coming to Gisborne was their destiny. They talk about why they travelled across the world to build a nest in a small city in New Zealand. (photo: Liam Clayton, Gisborne Herald)

Datix - learning from experiences

23 February 2016

Datix is Hauora Tairāwhiti’s new incident management system. Datix is used to record incidents and complaints. It allows us to capture information about patient and staff incidents, patient feedback (complaints, compliments and suggestions) and to be able to look into these in detail.

No smokes sold to young people

22 January 2016

It appears that tobacco retailers in Gisborne are complying with the law regarding sales of tobacco to young people.

Minister of Health Media Statement

25 November 2015

View a media statement issued by Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Health.

Shaken baby prevention

23 October 2015

A programme will be held in Gisborne and Te Puia Springs next week to teach people who are working with parents of infants. The Shaken Baby Prevention Programme gives a unique opportunity to provide effective, simple and consistent education about infant crying and the harm caused by shaking a baby.

Doing better for Tairawhiti children

12 October 2015

Many of us know, or have worked with, a child that is just not getting that start in life that they deserve, says Hauora Tairawhiti Chief Executive Jim Green. "They may not have a stable home life, they may not get to school often and jail may be part of...

Public health advice after a flood

23 September 2015

In light of the extensive flooding this week in the Tairāwhiti district and the clean-up activities that are currently underway, Hauora Tairāwhiti reminds people to take extra care with their hygiene

Suicide prevention plan released for Tairāwhiti

16 September 2015

A plan to help prevent suicide in the Tairāwhiti region has been released.

Accommodation available at Waikato Hospital until November

10 September 2015

The closure of overnight accommodation currently available at Waiora Waikato hospital campus, Hilda Ross House, has been delayed until 27 November 2015.

Ridding Tairāwhiti of Rheumatic Fever

1 September 2015

Tairāwhiti has one of the highest rates of Rheumatic Fever in the country. Addressing this has been a focus for Hauora Tairāwhiti.

A new direction for health services in Tairāwhiti

25 August 2015

A new direction for health services in Tairāwhiti was launched this month (September). Over 80 people from health related organisations throughout the district attended the event. They participated in workshop discussions centred on helping to turn around poor health outcomes for Tairāwhiti people.

New equipment makes a difference for sick kids.

21 August 2015

The hot cross bun you ate last Easter may just be helping to make a difference for sick children in Planet Sunshine. Five cents from every pack of buns sold, plus hours of fundraising efforts from Countdown staff contributed to the National Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal.

Still time to get immunised against flu

7 August 2015

There is still time to get immunised against influenza says Margot McLean, Tairawhiti District Health  Medical Officer of Health. Recently released figures show that Tairāwhiti had the highest consultation rate (486.4 per 100,000 or 5 cases) for influenza-like illness last week.

No need for patients to worry about accommodation in Waikato

25 June 2015

People living in Gisborne and the East Coast who need to go to Waikato Hospital need not worry about accommodation says Tairawhiti District Health Chief Executive Jim Green.

Measles vaccine can save lots of community disruption

17 April 2015

When a young girl walked into the Te Karaka Preschool last July to pick up her brother and sister she had no idea what an effect that was going to have on her community. She had just returned from a holiday in Hamilton where there was a measles outbreak.

TDH best at vaccinating staff against flu

17 April 2015


Immunisation vital to keep daughter well

17 April 2015

Cathy Houlihan has seen first-hand the worst case scenario when people don’t get vaccinated.

Teaming up to quit smoking with the Wero Challenge

26 March 2015

Gisborne people are teaming up to stub out a habit that is still rife in the Gisborne community. Smokers are forming teams and pledging to quit smoking for three months, as part of a national competition, the WERO Challenge, which kicks off on 1 April, 2015.

No decision on East Coast health review until after community hui

12 March 2015

A proposal as to what health care on the East Coast might look like in the future will be presented for feedback at a series of community hui next month.

Infant formula contamination threat

10 March 2015

A threat has been made to contaminate infant and other formula with the toxin 1080. The New Zealand Government is taking this threat seriously. 

Faster treatment for cancer at TDH

27 February 2015

More people are getting access to elective surgery and more people are getting faster treatment for cancer as Tairāwhiti District Health (TDH) comes close to achieving national Health Targets.

TDH’s finances expected to improve

27 February 2015

A very busy winter, more cancer patients getting more treatment and extra hip and knee operations have contributed to a poor financial result for Tairāwhiti District Health seven months into the financial year.

E-Learning Opportunities

26 February 2015

Understanding the requirements of Restraint Minimisation & Safe Practice is critical for all Nurses and Midwives, the education booklet provides a broad outline and considers aspects of de-escalation, identifies what an enabler is and also considers the aspects of the law associated with restraint minimisation & safe practice.

Gisborne ED not overwhelmed by festival

1 January 2015

Four people were seen by the Gisborne Hospital Emergency Department (ED) as a result of the riot at BW campground last night. Of the four, one 19 year old male was admitted to hospital and is in a stable condition.

City Medical reaches gold standard

24 December 2014

A Gisborne general practice has struck gold on its network quality goals.

See your GP and keep ED for emergencies only

23 December 2014

If it is not an emergency it won’t be treated like one at Gisborne Hospital’s Emergency Department. With thousands of extra people expected in the city for the Rhythm and Vines festival it is important that people needing non-urgent healthcare or advice, contact their GP in the first instance.

It's your business to stop sexual violence this summer

22 December 2014

What would you do if you saw a drunk young person clearly being taken advantage of by someone?

Congratulations graduate nurses

12 December 2014

Thirteen registered nurses celebrated graduating from the 2014 Nurse Entry to Practice (NEtP) Programme on 11 December. Ten months ago all were newly qualified but with little experience. The programme supports new nurses during their first year of employment helping them to integrate theoretical knowledge and clinical skills and is...

Clean hands tested during patient safety month?

21 November 2014

Media Release

What have cows and udder cream got to do with chemotherapy?

13 November 2014

Media Release

Video link clinics for East Coast diabetics

12 November 2014


Reviewing tragic events helps TDH improve its practices

31 October 2014

Tairawhiti District Health (TDH) has made changes to its pharmacy and maternity processes following investigations into two serious adverse events in the 2013/14 year, two fewer than the year before.

Gisborne Hospital to get a new Medical Day Ward in 2015

12 September 2014

From left; Sue Bull, Cancer Nurse Co-ordinator; Natasha Ashworth, Clinical Nurse Manager - Tui te Ora Long Term Conditions; Dr Richard Moore, Director Medical and Mental Health; East Coast MP Anne Tolley; TDH Board Chair David Scott; Tori-iti Schwass, Cancer Social Worker; Karen Hollamby, Registered Nurse and from the Cancer...

Telehealth will make access to health care easier for East Coast people

12 September 2014

A new initiative that has the potential to make huge a difference to the health of people living in remote areas was demonstrated to East Coast MP Anne Tolley and Speaker of the House David Carter at Gisborne Hospital today (Friday 12 September).

Patients surveyed on their time in Gisborne Hospital

9 September 2014

If you spent time last month as a patient at Gisborne Hospital, you may have been asked to fill in a survey on your experiences.

Pat lobbied for dialysis unit she now uses

8 September 2014

Pat Middlemiss is one patient who is very grateful dialysis treatment is now available in Gisborne. After years of peritoneal dialysis and then home haemodialysis with the help of her husband Dave, things changed in November 2013.

Health services in Tairāwhiti focused on prevention

27 August 2014

Kia ora

Tairawhiti patients to get lodge meals

12 August 2014

All patients staying at the Cancer Society’s Lions Lodge in Hamilton, while having treatment, will now be able to join other patients in the dining room for an evening meal. They will also be able to bring a support person with them.

Gisborne has a second case of measles

30 July 2014

A second case of measles in Gisborne has been confirmed, says Dr Geoff Cramp Medical Officer of Health.

Long-term look at East Coast health services

28 July 2014


Students in Gisborne Hospital after bus accident

27 July 2014

Update 9am Monday 28 July

Measles case confirmed in Tairawhiti

21 July 2014


Midland Region Media Release - Study on rural maternity services

4 July 2014


Proposal to sell surplus properties at Te Karaka and Matawai

23 June 2014


World Smokefree Day 2014 - Perfect opportunity to quit

26 May 2014


Paid Family Care notice and Tairawhiti DHB policy

21 May 2014

From 21 May 2014, Tairawhiti DHB is implementing a policy that clarifies the exceptional circumstances under which we will permit payment of family members residing at the same address as a DHB-funded client for provision of long-term home based support services.

Tobacco outweighs the cost of food and groceries

20 May 2014

The cost of living is not getting any cheaper in New Zealand. When tobacco addiction is added into the mix, the challenge to pay bills and keep food on the table is that much harder.

Psychoactive Substances Amendment Act Passed

8 May 2014

MEDIA RELEASE – 8 May 2013

Tairawhiti District Health improves again against government’s health targets

25 February 2014

MEDIA RELEASE – 25 February 2014

Tairawhiti people urged to keep cars and homes smokefree

17 January 2014

Individuals and organisations in Tairawhiti are being urged to support a smokefree cars and homes campaign.

Tairawhiti health officials issue measles vaccination reminder

15 January 2014

The number of confirmed measles cases connected to a hip-hop event in December is now at 16 – one in Auckland, two in Wellington, and 13 in the Taupo-Turangi area.

Review of East Coast health services takes another step forward

14 January 2014

The review of health services on the East Coast has taken another step forward with the boards of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, Ngati Porou Hauora and Tairawhiti District Health developing a set of draft principles to guide their future joint working relationship, as well as a draft project scope...

Health of the population is DHB’s priority during water crisis

8 January 2014

Tairawhiti District Health’s acting chief executive Lynsey Bartlett says the health of the population is the DHB's priority during Gisborne’s current water crisis, and plans are already in place to cope with any water restrictions required.

A (slightly) quieter New Year for Gisborne Hospital

6 January 2014

Tairawhiti District Health this morning thanked the region’s combined emergency services for their efforts over the busy New Year period.

Keep yourself safe at Rhythm & Vines

29 December 2013

Keep yourself and your valuables safe – that’s the message from police to those attending Gisborne’s two big summer events this weekend.

Midland Emergency Departments determined to reduce harm from alcohol consumption

6 December 2013

Excessive alcohol consumption causes immense harm to adults and children resulting in increasing presentations at emergency departments.

Midland DHBs join together with Map of Medicine

6 December 2013

The roll out of a tool by five district health boards in the Midland region will allow clinicians across all sectors of health to work more closely together.

Visiting restrictions lifted at Gisborne Hospital

3 December 2013

Tairawhiti District Health has lifted visiting restrictions at Gisborne Hospital, now that an outbreak of gastroenteritis among patients has ceased.

Tairawhiti District Health continues progress against health targets

28 November 2013

MEDIA RELEASE – 27 November 2013

Outbreak of gastroenteritis at Gisborne Hospital

28 November 2013

Tairawhiti District Health is asking visitors to stay away from Gisborne Hospital unless absolutely necessary, after an outbreak of gastroenteritis among patients.

School nurses help Gisborne pupils quit smoking

14 November 2013

Helping students quit smoking, arrange new glasses and attend school more frequently are just a few of the benefits for Gisborne students using School Based Health Services (SBHS).

Submissions and feedback on East Coast health services review - now available to the public

11 November 2013

Feedback from community consultation hui on the recent review of East Coast health services was considered by the Boards of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, Ngati Porou Hauora and Tairawhiti District Health on 5 November 2013.

Another opportunity for East Coast residents to talk about health review

14 October 2013

East Coast residents will have four more opportunities this month to say what they think about a review of health services in their area.

Tairawhiti DHB benefits from the savings power of 20 DHBs

7 October 2013

District health boards around New Zealand are saving millions of dollars by working together to reduce back office costs, with all the savings reinvested back into frontline health services for their communities.

Professor Sir Mason Durie to visit Gisborne in October

4 September 2013

One of the country’s leading experts in health research and development, Professor Sir Mason Durie, will visit Gisborne on 10 October 2013.

Kura Wananga hosts first Oranga Niho event in te reo Maori

2 September 2013

Celebrities have been brushed aside in favour of local children being the stars in this year’s Oral Health Week events in Gisborne, says Tairawhiti District Health oral health promoter, Leanne Bodle.

Tairawhiti District Health continues good progress on health targets

30 August 2013

­­Tairawhiti District Health continues to make good progress on the government’s six health targets, said chief executive Jim Green, when results were released earlier this week.

New patient identification system improving health care

30 August 2013

Health Minister Tony Ryall says the new National Health Index (NHI) system is an excellent example of how information technology improves patient care.

Health Minister thanks health professionals

27 August 2013

Health Minister thanks health professionals

Infant formula update

12 August 2013

Health Minister Tony Ryall and Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye confirm that Nutricia has today narrowed the scope of the recall for infant formula.

Have your say in the future health of Tairawhiti

5 July 2013

Would you like to have a say in the future health of Tairawhiti? Then why not find out more about standing as a candidate to become a district health board member.

Cancer treatment services transfer to Waikato on Monday

28 June 2013

Tairawhiti District Health’s transfer of adult cancer treatment services to Waikato District Health Board (DHB) from MidCentral DHB begins on Monday, after more than a year of work.

New health data will help drive improvements in patient safety

27 June 2013

The publication of new health data will encourage district health boards (DHBs) to consistently put in place steps to improve patient safety, says Professor Alan Merry, Chair of the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

Gisborne Hospital’s MRI to start scanning mid-June

16 June 2013

Tairawhiti District Health chief executive Jim Green announced today that an MRI technician would come from Rotorua three days a week from mid-June to operate the DHBs new magnetic resonance imaging scanner (MRI).

Tairawhiti DHB achieves one of its best health target results

29 May 2013

Tairawhiti District Health has achieved one of its best-ever health target results, says chief executive Jim Green.

Tairawhiti first to sign up for national patient safety campaign

17 May 2013

Tairawhiti District Health Board is the first DHB in New Zealand to pledge commitment to a national patient safety campaign aimed at saving lives and reducing harm, launched today by Associate Minister of Health Jo Goodhew.

Gisborne retailers ‘mostly compliant’ with sales of cigarettes and legal highs

1 May 2013

Gisborne retailers are generally complying with the law regarding sales of cigarettes and legal synthetic cannabinoid products to young people, say public health workers in the district, but one or two shops continue to break the rules.

Mobile clinic has already proven its worth

17 April 2013

After seven months of operation, Turanga Health’s mobile clinic has more than proved its worth, according to Tairawhiti District Health Board chair, David Scott.

April Falls - it's no joke

5 April 2013

"Rena' oil spill

22 November 2011

22 November 2011

Marine biotoxin alerts

4 November 2011

4 November 2011

Funding to increase after review

Hauora Tairāwhiti will receive extra funding from the government in the next financial year. This ocurs each year however in 2016/17 the increase is larger because the goverment has allocated a larger increase overall for health, says Chief Executive Jim Green.