Gisborne ED not overwhelmed by festival

1 January 2015

Four people were seen by the Gisborne Hospital Emergency Department (ED) as a result of the riot at BW campground last night. Of the four, one 19 year old male was admitted to hospital and is in a stable condition.

By far the majority of injuries were dealt with by the Medical Centre on-site at BW Campground and at the Rhythm and Vines Festival.

“St Johns and the staff at the Medical Centres have done a fantastic job effectively dealing with a large number of injuries, says Acting Chief Executive Sonia Gamblen. “While the numbers of people being seen by ED were not much higher than normal, we did treat a lot of quite serious injuries. The majority of these injuries were not related to the festival.”

“Treating people from the festival onsite has meant that the Hospital ED department has been able to give those with serious injuries the care and attention they need.”

Since midday Wednesday Gisborne Hospital ED saw 21 people attending the festival. Two were admitted, one as a result of the riot and another who is in a fair condition.

In total 82 festival attendees have been treated by ED with hundreds more treated at the onsite medical centres.