Deb Mckay nominated for innovation award

5 May 2016

Deb Mckay, Planet Sunshine, Gisborne Hospital.

Deb Mckay

Nominated by Dr Mary Stonehouse (paediatrician) for Innovation and Support in a Workplace Award.

If one were to see an example of collegiality, support and excellence in nursing, one only has to come down to Planet Sunshine.

Deb is a nurse that leads by example. Instead of locking herself in an office, Deb is a supportive hands-on nurse and manager who takes time to really know her staff. She also knows her patients, having a memory that extends back to the start of her nursing career.

Deb is the nurse that remembers the names of those patients us doctors have on the tip of our tongue but cannot remember. This also means that she has the history to know those old patients who are now parents themselves.

Deb is at the forefront of nursing knowledge and has kept herself up to date with advances and changes. She is the paediatric oncology expert. Any knowledge she has is shared and disseminated, so that Planet Sunshine doctors and nurses also have that up-todate knowledge.

It is hard to know what not to write about Deb. In the whole of my medical career I haven’t come across a more dedicated nurse. Yet despite this she is humble and credits those of her team who have done well so reflecting the credit from herself. The support she gives to staff and patients, both old and new and their family members, is second to none. She is that shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. Many a time her room is full of those that she takes time to listen to.

If she were successful she would say she was ‘‘only doing her job,’’ yet to those of us that work with her would say that the job she does is awesome. Deb is the glue in Planet Sunshine. Where would the Planet Sunshine family be without her?