Pae Ora concepts applied to Admission to Discharge planner

2 May 2016

Pae Ora is the framework adopted by Hauora Tairawhiti for how we work as a DHB to improve health outcomes for Māori. 

Pae Ora has three components – mauri ora, whānau ora and wai ora.

  • Mauri is the concept of the life force that is instilled in people and all living things.Mauri ora is the protection and advancement of this force for health.
  • Whānau or families are the cornerstone of Māori, and indeed all people’s, lives. Providing care in this context ensures people are attached, grounded and empowered to advance the health of themselves, their family and wider community.
  • Wai is literally water but in this context represents the natural environment in which we all live. A healthy environment is essential for our individual and collective health.

Pae ora encourages everyone in the health and disability sector to work collaboratively to think beyond the narrow definitions of health to provide high quality and effective services.

These concepts were applied to the design of the new Admission to Discharge Planner (A2D). 

This planner has been designed to be holistic and person centered, ensuring that the care is provided to support health and wellbeing commencing from admission leading to early and comprehensive discharge planning.


Sections of the planner align with the 3 interconnected elements of Pae ora and together strengthen us to consider beyond narrow definitions of health and provide high quality and effective services.

  • Whanau Ora (Healthy families) – Medical admission section. Self managing, living healthy life and confidently participating.
  • Wai Ora (Healthy Environment) – Nursing admission, allied health referrals and risk assessments sections. Access to resources and to live in environments that support and sustain a healthy life.
  • Mauri Ora (Healthy Individuals) – Discharge planning section. To meet immediate needs as well as future needs across all stages of life

The Planner is still being trialed. So any changes or improvements can still be made.

A-D Planner Trial